Dra. María Consuelo Sáiz Manzanares

Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology (University of Burgos)
Symposium title: 
Personalized Learning in Higher Education: An Application of data mining and text-based techniques
  • Analysis of collaborative work in B-Learning contexts in Higher Education: An application of EDM
  • Study of learning outcomes and learning behavior in LMS: An application of cluster analysis
  • Are previous knowledge and metacognitive strategies predictors of effective learning?
  • An automatic method for measuring the use of meta-cognitive strategies in protocol analysis
  • Prediction of drop-out in at-risk students: An application of automatic learning techniques
Curriculum vitae: 

María Consuelo Sáiz Manzanares has a degree in Psychology, University of Salamanca (Spain) and in Educational Sciences, National University of Distance Education (UNED, Spain). She is PhD in Psychology, University of Valladolid (Spain), and expert in virtual learning, University of Burgos (Spain). She has the B2 certificate in English issued by the Center for Modern Languages, UBU. She has received several specialization courses for university teaching (144 courses, 2163 hours) and non-university teaching (140 courses; 2077 hours). She was a secondary education teacher of Psychology and Pedagogy (staff member, currently on sabbatical). Currently, she is a university professor of Developmental and Educational psychology, School of Health Sciences, UBU. Throughout her university teaching career, she has lectured more than 3000 hours in different under- and post-graduate courses. Currently, she lectures in the degrees in Occupational therapy and Nursing, School of Health Sciences, as well as in the Master in Teachers, School of Education. She is a member of the research groups “Psychology of Education” (UVA) and the “Educational Innovation Active learning and e-learning in engineering” (UBU), and she is the director of the “Educational Innovation Group (B-Learning in Health Sciences)” (B-LCS, UBU). She has published 30 works in Web of Science and Scopus indexed journals, and 13 works in IN-RECS indexed journals, as well as 15 books and 4 book chapters edited in well-known national and international publishing houses. Such publications are related to her lines of investigation: 1) the development of mentalistic abilities in young children and intervention programmes at early ages; 2) teaching-learning strategies in secondary school and college students, and improvement programmes on metacognitive abilities within LMS contexts. She has collaborated in several research projects (two of them as PI) and educational innovation projects. Regarding the scientific dissemination, she has given 32 invited talks in workshop and conferences, 67 talks in national conferences and 63 talks in international conferences. She has completed research stages related to the analysis of metacognitive strategies at the University of Leiden (Hollande) and the UVA (Spain). She is a reviewer in more than 12 indexed journals. She has supervised 3 doctoral dissertations, 14 master theses, 7 degree theses, and 39 projects on ABP methodology. Apart from that, she has been a tutor in the Mentor Programme and the Academic Guidance Programme (UBU) since 2009. She has participated in 59 invited training activities for university professors at different universities. She has an active 6-year research period (“sexenio”) bestowed by the CNEAI and 4 5-year teaching periods (one for university teaching and 3 for non-university teaching). Currently, she is the head of the Area of Evaluation of Quality from the University of Burgos.

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