Dr. José Antonio Carranza

Professor of Evolutionary Psychology and Education (University of Murcia).
Conference title: 
Temperament and emotional adjustment
Curriculum vitae: 

José Antonio Carranza is a PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences by the University of Murcia. Currently, he is a professor of Developmental Psychology and Education at the University of Murcia. He coordinates the Developmental Psychology Research Group at the University of Murcia (GIPSE) as principal researcher. His research interests are the development of temperament in childhood and its relationships with early language, motor control, cognitive control, social development and academic performance. He enjoyed a research stay at the Laboratory of M. Rothbart (University of Oregon) to address the study of temperament. Throughout his academic career, he has received funding from different institutions, such as the Ministry of Education, the FIS and the Séneca Foundation (C.A.R.M.). One of his first research projects titled "Convergence between the adult perception of the child's temperament and the analysis of the temperamental dimensions in the laboratory: a longitudinal study from 0 to 2 years of age" was funded by the General Directorate of Scientific and Technical Research. Additionally, he has coordinated the following projects: "Temperamental traits and Down syndrome: a longitudinal study in childhood" (funded by the Health Research Fund), and "A longitudinal study on individual differences in temperament in childhood through maternal reports and laboratory tasks" (funded by the General Directorate of Scientific and Technical Research). One of his last projects, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, was "The development of the executive function in childhood and its relations with the self-regulation of language and manual skills". The contributions generated by these researches have been materialized in several degree theses, doctoral dissertations, and publications (chapters of books, articles, papers, communications and posters in national and international conferences). He has participated in the organization of two symposia on temperament in the "XII European Conference of Developmental Psychology", held in La Laguna (Canary Islands). Currently, he is part of the Organizing Committee of the 22nd Occasional Temperament Conference, aimed at bringing together a network of professionals interested in the study of individual differences in temperament. Finally, in the field of academic management, he held the director position at the Department of Developmental Psychology and Education on several occasions, and the Vice-dean position of the Degree in Speech Therapy (by the time, that this degree was implemented at the University of Murcia).

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